Create Your Dream

//Create Your Dream

The Dream

If there is one place in the home that should look like a dream, it is probably where you dream. I’m talking about that sacred space, the one that smells like lavender and your latest Yankee Candle. The room where the curtains complement the bedspread and your favorite book is primed on the nightstand. That’s right, I’m talking about the bedroom.

Now, I know that not everyone may have the same reverence for the space that I personally possess. I believe that there is something in everyone that craves that sense of peace and comfort. So what is it that makes that space spectacular? What is it that makes it entirely your space? So what are some ways to make your room the best space possible?

Three Ideas

  1. All dreams begin with sleep right? So what if one little change could improve your sleep? Try putting in a couple drops of lavender oil into the wash when you clean your sheets and blankets.
  2. What about colors? There are a lot of articles and facts about what colors do what. But in reality, are you really going to sleep better in a blue room than a red room? So pick the color you like and then pick out something complementing from the color wheel. My only real advice would be to pick a color you can stick with unless you want to repaint every couple weeks.
  3. There is the advice, that if you hold something and it doesn’t bring you joy, you should throw it out. Now, I don’t know that I totally agree with that. If I threw out everything I didn’t like, I’d never see another bill again. There is some merit to the idea though. As minimalism continues to spread across the country maybe it will find it’s way into your home too. If you’re trying to improve your space getting rid of some clutter could help.
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