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Walking in downtown Pensacola is like waling through a living art gallery. Everything about the place breaths color and creativity. From the decorative pelicans gracing nearly every corner to the hidden murals, this place is an art enthusiast’s dream.

Farmer’s Market

Let’s stop at the farmer’s market first! On days where the farmer’s market is in full force, you can find an assortment of eclectic local art. This warm type of shopping, with personal interaction with artists, is an enticing part of the market. Just down the street from the farmers market, there are dozens of shops and galleries for you to explore. Each stop exploring a different aspect of the local color.


Our next feature is the alluring architecture. Every building in Downtown Pensacola could be a gallery in and of itself. The unique challenges of engineering near the pier have created beautiful buildings throughout the area. But in addition to the mesmerizing buildings themselves, the murals and paintings adorning them are breathtaking. Finally, the buildings offer a unique feel that must be experienced in person.


Finally, the thing to look for in the city are the pelicans. Throughout the area, you can find pelican statues painted and decorated to delight.  This exciting attraction entices the young and the old to search for the beautiful statues. Each pelican offers a unique photo opportunity for your social media page or your scrapbook.  Finding your way through downtown can be such a treat when you’ve added a scavenger hunt!

This enticing area of Pensacola offers adventure and fun at every turn in the road. From the gorgeous scenery of the ocean to the careful design of murals, there is something here for anyone ready to appreciate beauty. So grab some sunscreen, some good walking shoes, and your sense of adventure. Downtown Pensacola is waiting for you to discover its treasures.

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