Warm Weather!

While my personal disposition is the atmosphere autumn brings, I’m glad to see the warm weather coming in. The warm weather brings new opportunities for spending time outside. As we all know, hitting the beach is the #1 Pensacola activity. But there are a number of awesome activities in the area.

It is perfect weather to take advantage of our outdoor attractions. One of the best things to do at this time of year is kayaking. There is a great little kayaking place right in Bayview park next to the waterfront dog park. The great breezes this time of year and the warming weather create an awesome atmosphere for this activity.

In addition to a great time on the water, it is a wonderful time for family and friends to come together. The days of picnics and cookouts are upon us. There are a great number of memories to be made at parks, backyards, and at the beach.

And as this change is coming it is bringing in the start of spring. So maybe it is time to break out those gardening skills and grow some flowers and fruits (Let’s be honest, veggies are a waste of space XD).

Whatever you chose to do with the start of spring, I hope you get a chance to appreciate the excellent climate!

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